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Disease Name Symptoms Full Curing Duration Medicine detail Course
30 to 120 days - Should take medicines continuously Oil apply External
Kashayam or Dicotion
Be under diet control and regular medication.

Cure successfully in from 200 day and sometimes in 365 to 450 Days, It depends on CD4 ratio and ESR rate

Should Take Kashayams, Gandhaghams, Sooranam, Krithams and Karmas.

450 days. Compulsory irregular Medicare may not give success. Advised to be under our treatment guide.

Measure the current value before taking our medicine. Again check after 3 days from the under medicine control days. If you happy. Then continue it for 30 Days - Weekly 4 days. Continuous medicare for 8 Months to 1 Year. After 400 Days perfect Cure.
NOTE: Avoid mental stress. Mental stress will develop the Diabetes and BP. Stress affects the Patients to bring Diabetes.

Kashayam + Sooranam 2 = 30 days (2 Mandalam)
Kidney stone 2 Days to 5 days.
GalStones stone 5 Days to 15 days, Take this medicine early morning at empty stomach.
Drink Herbal extract juice.
Cure without OPERATIONS.
Only 1 Day Medicine. And upto 48 Hours patient should be under our control.
Apply Oil in Hair & Take directed food and shampoos. 4 mandalam and depends upon the requirements.

Reduce 5 Kg Fat every 45 Days

Slim in 100 days

Slim Fit Medicare 90 Days

Drink our Herbal juice and hot water. Take this medicine under doctors condition.


Puzhuvettu (Alopecia areata) After 20 days the patch area will be closed and hairs will grow slowly.

Bald head get Hairs in 6 Month treatment.

Apply our medicine for 10 days to 15 days, Wash the head with Hot water.

Bald Head Oil - Monthlky 500 ml must use.

Take this medicin under doctors prescription.
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